The Classes of Space Vessels

There are four classes of space vessel in the Mavros System, defined according to their maximum capacity for crew and guests as well as their intended purpose. Ships may be improved with better engines, weapons and armourments however they cannot be increased in size or capacity.

Each ship is powered and propelled by energised fuel cylinders, pre-filled with propellant and containing a one-time-use hydrogen fuel cell for electric power. These cylinders can provide a ship with power and engine use for a day before they must be replaced. Before a ship leaves atmosphere it must have enough cylinders aboard to complete its journey in space otherwise engine and life support functions will cease when the final cylinders have been depleted.

Ships are propelled by Applied-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters up to a speed of 0.1 x the speed of light. They additionally have enough space aboard for their listed crew and cargo sizes. Additionally characters and creatures may travel, staying in the cargo hold of the ship, however in this case the number of cylinders required doubles for each additional occupant as the draw on life support increases.

Class Fuel Cylinders Required for 1 Day Cost per Fuel Cylinder
Alpha Class 2 25 (50 Total)
Beta Class 4 25 (100 Total)
Gamma Class 10 25 (250 Total)
Delta Class 50 25 (1,250 Total)