Traversing the Mavros System

The Mavros System comprises a number of distinct regions radiating out from the singularity at its core. First, the singularity itself spans a vast region at the very centre right up to its event horizon, within which not even light can escape its pull. Around the event horizon is the accretion disk, a vast, bright ring of light and near-lightspeed particles in orbit of the singularity. Beyond this, an expansive belt of asteroids are all that remains of planets drawn to the singularity which were not saved for population or which have since been retired and forced out of their orbit to be ripped apart by gravity and then mined for their remaining resources. Further out, in the habitable zone of the system, the inner planets orbit. These planets are small enough and close enough to support life. Finally, at the furthest, gas giants and ice giants orbit the singularity. The moons of these giants have been utilised as harvesting plants from which the valuable gases and minerals of these planets are drawn.