By agreement of the inter-species Council of Planets and the Central Intelligence, the use of precious metals or barter for commerce has been expressly forbidden. Instead, a centralised bank, known as the Bank of Mavros, has been established by the Central Intelligence and by it all inhabitants are allocated a current Credit Value. Credits may then be earnt by the sale of goods or the performance of services. All inhabitants of the Mavros System have a small computer chip implanted in their arm which holds their current Credit total (continuously synchronised with the Central Intelligence and the Bank of Mavros).

Common Values

1 CreditA meal
2 CreditsShort passage in the cargo hold of a corsair ship
5 CreditsShort passage in proper accommodation on a beta class ship or better
10 CreditsA second-hand set of basic clothes
20 CreditsA new set of fashionable clothes
50 CreditsAn unskilled worker for one week
100 CreditsA skilled engineer for one week
200 CreditsA good suit of armour
500 CreditsA good blaster
1,000 CreditsA highly skilled bodyguard for your journey
10,000 CreditsA small house
20,000 CreditsA large house / A small house in a good school district
50,000 CreditsA large house in walking distance of the shops and good transport links
100,000 CreditsAn alpha class ship
1,000,000 CreditsAn alpha class ship with crew and supplies for a year
10,000,000 CreditsA delta class ship
100,000,000 CreditsA delta class ship with crew and supplies for a year